ASAP Scholars Program

The Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture Program (ASAP) works to enhance the quality of agricultural and environmental education at the University of Illinois through support graduate students studying critical issues in agriculture, food systems and their interactions with the environment and society.  The ASAP scholars program is designed to recruit and support exceptional graduate students interested in agriculturally- related topics of societal import (eg: climate change, food security, environmental degradation, biodiversity, land stewardship, resource conservation and social equity).  Priority support will be given to topics that have obvious societal benefit that do not have well established sources of funding.  We are particularly interested in supporting research on local grain production and use, plant-soil interactions and agroforestry systems.

The ASAP Scholars program is housed within the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences but is open to students working across campus.  The program consists of a 2 year commitment of a 25% 11 month research assistantship (RA) and tuition and fee waiver.  Students should work with prospective faculty advisers to develop their application materials. Co-advising arrangements are highly encouraged.

Our submission deadline for Fall 2018 admissions is March 1.  In addition to completing their application to a suitable department on campus, students should submit a project summary to asap@illinois.eduThe project outline should include a: 1) Project title that identifies the subject matter areas of interest 2) Problem statement that provides background information that explains why research on the topic  is needed, 3) Description of likely project participants.   The proposal should not exceed 3 pages.   Students must apply to, and be admitted into, the home department of one of their major advisers to receive this award.


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