Local Food System Symposium

Wednesday, October 22

8am to 12pm

SDRP – 301 E. Gregory Drive, Champaign IL 61820
Phone (217) 244-5792.

The symposium will focus on discussions among local farm growers, local food related organizations and faculty, staff and students from across disciplines at the University of Illinois. The discussions will address concerns about infrastructure of the local food system, impact of local food on economic development, and education and training of farmers in an attempt to build a successful model of local food system in the community. Continue reading

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Jonathan Safran Foer to discuss Eating Animals

eat anASAP will bring critically acclaimed American novelist Jonathan Safran Foer to campus (virtually) to discuss his international bestseller, *Eating Animals* <http://send.prattwebdesign.com/t/r-i-outljdd-l-d/>. On Oct  28th at 12.35-1:10 in the Illini Union.

This personal account, shares his reflections on farm visits, readings in philosophy and science.  “Eating Animals explores the many stories we use to justify our eating habits—folklore and pop culture, family traditions and national myth, apparent facts and inherent fictions—and how such tales can lull us into a brutal forgetting.”

American novelist Foer’s first two books, *Everything is Illuminated* and *Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close* were both made into major motion pictures.


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2014 Women Working in the Meat Business

Women Working in the Meat Business Intensive Seminar
Sunday, Nov.9th – Tuesday, Nov.11th
Chapel Hill, NC

Join 30 women livestock farmers, butchers, processors, chefs, and professionals at the Chapel HillTop Lodge and Lantern Table for two days and nights of a packed meat business curriculum including hands-on learning, observation, discussion, and networking with lead instructor and James Beard Award nominee Kari Underly, a third generation meat cutter and inventor of the flat iron steak. Continue reading

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Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to Host Media Call to Make Major Announcement on Conservation Funding to Protect and Restore Key Farmlands, Grasslands and Wetlands

WASHINGTON, Sept. 5, 2014 – ON MONDAY, Sept. 8, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack will host a media conference call to make a major announcement on conservation funding to help landowners protect and restore key farmlands, grasslands and wetlands across the nation. The USDA initiative will benefit wildlife and promote outdoor recreation and related sectors of the economy.

Continue reading

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Job Opportunity: Assistant Professor Cropping Systems Specialist

Position Description

The Department of Plant and Soil Sciences at Oklahoma State University is seeking applicants for an 11-month, tenure-track, 75% extension and 25% research position to lead in planning, implementing, and evaluating educational programs to meet the needs of producers for improving existing production systems and adopting new cropping systems technologies, with initial emphasis on the transfer of canola production technologies to Oklahoma stakeholders. Continue reading

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The Last Food Mile Conference

December 8-9, 2014
Philadelphia, PA, USA

  • 133 billion lbs (31%) of available food is lost annually in the U.S. retail and consumer levels alone
  • $161 billion retail value for the annual food loss
  • 49 million Americans live in food-insecure households, including 16 million children
  • Wasted food squanders our resources: land, water, energy, nutrients, biodiversity, results in pollution and increased food costs
food waste

(photo thanks to Steve Finn)

Sustainably feeding 7 billion people now and 9 billion by 2050 is a daunting challenge.  Reducing massive amounts of food waste is critical toward building sustainable food security in the world.

In an era of growing demand for more food, coupled with escalating production and environmental cost, dwindling natural resources, and international unrest, tackling food wastage is paramount to our future.

Conference Features

Waste occurs at the farm, the processing plant, the store, and the home. This conference will bring together experts from national and international, academic and industrial, public and private sectors, to discuss:

  • Where food losses occur along the food supply chain, why, and how much
  • What food waste reduction measures work effectively, lessons learned and barriers encountered
  • What policies and interventions are critically needed for moving forward

Who Should Attend

food waste strawberries

(photo thanks to Steve Finn)

Educators, entrepreneurs, researchers, corporate sustainability officers, government or NGOs personnel, concerned citizens…  All who are interested in solving the massive problems of food loss and food waste.

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The Inaugural International Food Security Initiative Lecture: Presented By Gerald Nelson

On September 8, 2014, in the Monsanto room at the College of ACES Library, Gerald Nelson will present the first International Food Security Initiative Lecture from 4 to 5 pm.

Gerald Nelson is Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Jerry was the principal author of the report “Advancing Global Food Security in the Face of a Changing Climate” released by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs in May 2014. He most recently served as a Senior Research Fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) in Washington, DC where he coordinated its climate change research, led the policy analysis activities of the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture, and Food Security, and was the principal investigator on major projects on food security and climate change issues funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the German and British aid agencies. Continue reading

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iSEE Congress 2014: Come hear “Peak food?” by Andrew Revkin

On Sept. 30, famed New York Times DotEarth blogger Andrew Revkin will visit campus to kick off iSEE’s first annual Congress, titled “Feeding 9 Billion: A Path to Sustainable Agriculture.”

Revkin will talk about “paths that give the best chance of limiting harmful impacts of humanity’s appetites on the planet and ourselves in a world heading toward 9 billion people seeking decent lives. I will explore food frontiers from the Amazon to the Caribbean, the meat lab to the farmers market.”

Revkin is one of 22 speakers — leading world scholars — iSEE is bringing in to discuss sustainable agriculture during the three-day conference. For more on the Congress, visit iSEE’s website here. You may register for FREE here.

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The State of Food Waste: Gleaning, and Other Ways to Help

After interviewing Jack Paxton for my last article, I had the same thought I know many others have had: “Wow. Maybe I should start thinking more about what I throw away. But how?” I went looking for solutions, maybe to tag them onto the end of the article, but felt like they merited their own piece, and so I turned this into a series, which I’ll probably post a few more articles in over the coming months. Continue reading

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WEBINAR: “Evaluation for Transformation”: A Cross-Sectoral Evaluation Framework for Farm to School

“Evaluation for Transformation: A Cross-Sectoral Evaluation Framework for Farm to School” provides common language for defining farm to school core and supplemental elements, guidance on program articulation, a comprehensive literature review of farm to school and farm to preschool outcomes, priority outcomes, indicators and measures for the four sectors of public health, community economic development, education, and environmental quality, and evaluation resources and tools. The webinar will introduce the different components of the framework, and highlight how different users can use it effectively for their unique needs.

DATE: August 26, 2014 

TIME: 12 – 1 p.m. Central Time


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